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    All that Sparkles Part 2


    Hazel Carruthers

    Originally from Fife in Scotland, I work as a designer for Home at Graham & Brown in Blackburn.  My energetic lifestyle reflects in my work. I take inspiration from the adventures I go on and the places I visit. The designs I create reflect the exuberance and idiosyncrasies of my own personality. The focus of my work is forever developing and this keeps my design content fresh. I like to use a variety of different artistic methods to create my designs; including collage, pencil and expressive ink work. I love life and I love design and that’s what makes me happy.

    Get your sparkle back with Graham & Browns selection of glitzy Wall Art.  We have some stunning pieces of Art for your home that capture the ongoing trend for all that glitters!  Whether it is a subtle hint of glitter, to full on sequins and foils, we have the right look for you.  

    We have recently launched our ‘All that Glitters’ collection, which uses dustings of glitter over areas of the canvas to enhance its beauty. The colours of the glitter are specifically selected to sit with each individual design and take our in house trend palettes into consideration so as to easily co-ordinate with other accessories you might have within the room. Not only that but we have our ‘Monsoon Home’ products that show just what a bit of bling can do. These can range from all over finishes to placement jewels and sequins. The heavily embellished ‘Tia’ product, as featured here, is a stretched fabric with metallic foil print and finished with layers of stitched sequins for a really striking effect.


    Here in the design studio we have been working on new embellished designs for our Wall Art collection.  Combining jewels, sequins, glitters and foils to create stunning statement pieces. If you fancy a bit of DIY you could also decorate any of our un-embellished canvas art with the many different jewels we have on offer. Pick your perfect colour and shape and get sticking. It is so easy and quick to do, with absolutely fabulous results! 

    So if your home is feeling like it needs a bit of a boost think of Graham & Brown. There are endless possibilities to get this glitzy look. There really is something for everyone. Have a browse of our current collections on the website and watch this space for more of these beautiful embellished pieces. New collections coming soon!