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    Under the covers

    Graham & Brown’s interiors magazine, “what walls want” goes into its seventh issue with the chance for our Facebook fans to choose the cover image.
    The latest cover is inspired by all things David Bowie, following his amazing comeback after ten years of silence and the biggest and best exhibition “David Bowie is”  that the V&A have done;  it’s no surprise that this music and fashion icon has cast his influence upon us.  The androgeny of the model and the trademark spikey red-head were synonymous with Bowie in the 70s.
    To see behind the scenes at the shoot click here
    But which one will you pick – visit Facebook to choose.
    But what was the story behind the other six covers?   And do the messages on the spine mean anything?

    Issue One

    The very first cover, shows how much of a transition there has been in the styling of the covers.  At the outset the wallpaper, in this case the fantastic boheme was a backdrop to a lifestyle – a laid back easy going one – in this scene.  The covers evolved into a more iconic where the pattern or our other products such as jewels and paints have become the hero.

    Issue Two

    Before wallpapers with bird cages became as fashionable as they are now, we had designed, made and placed our Birdcage pattern on the front cover of our magazine.  The early covers were more about lifestyle, whereas later issues evolved into more fashion, iconic imagery.  The spine message read “what walls want…is pattern” which of course is still true today.

    Issue Three

    When we chose the Darcy wallpaper in amethyst for the cover, it naturally lead us towards an iconic piece of furniture a globe swing chair – this team with a model in a retro dress.  The spine message read “pick a pattern that’s new” to celebrate the amount of designs available from Graham & Brown.

    Issue Four

    This cover marked a move away from “lifestyle” imagery and into more statement iconic imagery.  The simplicity of the shot literally reflects the beauty of the Desire wallpaper in combination with the simple beauty of the model.  Damasks are by definition symmetrical which is why the reflection creates a harmony and richness embellished by the opulent gold and deep teal.  The spine message read “what walls want…is a little more spirit” in reference to the collection from which the pattern was drawn.

    Issue Five

    This cover brought together all elements of Graham & Brown’s business, pattern, colour and paint to create art. There were no special effects, or photo-shop, instead just the creative talent and hard-work of make-up artist Carolyn Roper who captured all the beauty of the Countessa design on a curvaceous canvas.  The spine message read “take wallpaper, and paint, create art”.

    Issue Six

    This cover celebrates all things electric blue and bejewelled.   The make-up utilises our jewels product (although we don’t recommend sticking them to your face – that’s what your walls are for!)and a nod and a wink to our paint ranges. The cameo ring the model wears echoes the subtle detail of the cameo within this unusual take on a damask design, called Damasquerade .  Wallpaper of course is all about fashion and making a statement and this cover rolls that up into one cool image.  The spine message for this issue was “#amazewalls” a play on a certain phrase used in social media.