How to Hang Traditional Wallpaper

Wallpaper used in video - Sakura Pale Blue Wallpaper

Tools you'll need


- Wall Filler

- Stanley Knife

- Scissors

- Wallpaper Paste

- Scraper

- Plumb Line

- Tape Measure

- Roller Smoother

- Smoother

- Sand Paper

- Brush


Preparing your Walls

- Fill and sand any imperfections on your wall

- Clean the wall with detergent or sugar soap

Hanging your Wallpaper

- Measure 50cm out from your starting point for your plumb line

- Measure the height of your wall and add 20cm so you can cut your first drop of wallpaper

- Cut and paste your paper then leave to soak for 5 minutes

- Hang your first drop with the right hand edge meeting your plumb line

- Once applied smooth our your wallpaper and trim

- Match the pattern by sliding in to place

- For internal corners apply your wallpaper and smooth in to the corner of your wall

- For external corners apply and wrap around your corner, then smooth on to your wall

How to Paper Plugs & Sockets

- Switch off the mains in your home before starting

- Trace the contour of the socket and an 'x' then cut along and trim

- Push the socket through this and screw back in to place

How to Paper your Fireplace

- Start in the centre and work your way out

- Use small sharp scissors or a knife to make lots of small cuts

- If the paste starts to become dry, just apply a little more

- Remove any excess paste with a damp cloth

Relax & Enjoy

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