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    More than a feature wall


    Jody Hudson

    I am the design studio apprentice at Graham and Brown. When designing and creating new ideas I like to resort back to good old fashioned cutting and sticking, collaging just about anything I can get my hands on (no seriously, anything!). 

    We all love a feature wall and the idea of pattern covering just one wall, it’s what we are all used to. But, what if we look beyond one wall and stretch to the rest of our rooms? After all life’s not just a feature wall…

    Image from merida studio
    Let’s first ease ourselves into the idea of wallpaper on all walls. If it is the look of a feature wall that you want, then how about using a plain or textured wallpaper on the rest of your walls? It is our first instinct to paint the remaining walls, which is fine, but wallpaper requires one application which is pretty good compared to the two or more coats that paint requires. Give this a thought when next decorating, even if you only sacrifice one other wall to wallpaper.
    If a feature wall just isn’t in your plans and you are taking a more subtle approach, then how about covering all of your walls with a plain or textured wallpaper? A texture is sure to add a little bit more depth to your room. This is also a handy trick to cover dark walls and save you time, instead of painting coats and coats of paint!

    Saville from Graham & Brown
    Stripes are a key element in taking wallpapering all walls to the next level. When choosing a stripe to compliment a feature wall, you should start by selecting the main colours that stand out in the feature. These are the colours you should then look for when selecting the perfect stripe. To add a spin on the rest of the room, why not hang the stripe horizontally, it makes a room look a lot bigger.
    For the bold and brave out there, why not really go for it and wallpaper your walls in different patterns? A complete pattern clash is bang on trend and can look awesome. Again the key for doing this is all in the colour. A constant key colour running through all the patterns will bring it all together, I promise!

    Image from
    Many of us also fall into the trap of painting any coves or small areas in rooms that we assume should be painted or just left alone. Use these spaces to add a splash of pattern! A random array of pattern in a room adds life and character. Try it next time you have some left on the roll! 
    Only positives can come from wallpapering more than one wall, have a go, be creative and most of all, have fun!

    Millie & Metro from Superfresco Easy