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    Create your own Sanctuary - Dining Room

    Rebecca Taylor

    Being interested in Surface Pattern Design from a young age founded the basis of my main aspirations to become a Designer. I gained qualifications in Interior Design which led me to graduate after studying BA(Hons)Textile/Surface Pattern Design. I was then successful in gaining the opportunity to become an Apprentice Designer at Graham & Brown.

    The dining room is the most socially acclimated room in the house with invigorating conversations and family interactions taking part around the table, making it a valuable part of the home. The dining room should be inviting, formal yet relaxed with comfortable lighting creating the mood. It is a room that is most probably used less than others, so you can afford to be really dramatic. 
    The most successful restaurants are the intimate ones. It does not matter how big your dining room is, you can still present an intimate environment to create a room to gather with family and friends for every day meals and special occasions. 
    When taking the time to decorate a contemporary dining room it is important to effectively consider many different decorative aspects which can increase the overall visual appearance of the dining room. The initial process of decorating a contemporary dining room is to start with the wall colour.
    Red is a popular colour as it is bold and is known to stimulate the appetite, toy also need to decide a focal point within the room. Here are some examples below:

    1 - Ameila 2 - Taupe 3 - Sand 4 - Moscow

    The above images presents the wallpaper design Amelia. This beautiful design would bring brightness and warmth to your room. You could use the lovely red flowers to co-ordinate other walls with the suggested neutral paint colours.

    1 - Verve 2 - Cambridge Cream 3 - Alaska 4 - Tribe 5 - Kensington

    Above are a collection of wallpapers that could be co-ordinated together to create a real statement in your dining room. Starting with Verve Stripe, this is a subtle stripe that injects a little colour into your room creating a sophiosticated look. Stripes can be hung horrizontally or vertically, enableing you to create a fabulous look in your room. To sit with this simply could be this stunning fine plain Alaska design in brown. It’s charming and elegant look sits perfectly used alone or in co-ordination with the above designs. Also why not introduce a third wallpaper as the focal point. Kensington is the design above that is styled with a pattern of vibrant red roses with metalic accents on the leaves and a soft soothing background that sits well with the other suggested designs creating a contemporary setting.  
    Or if your feeling you would prefer something more moderen and to date why not try Claire. This design is a lovely floral wallpaper and is about the finer details, it is embelished delicatley in sections with glitter and silver mettalic. Also there are suggested paint colours to compliment this paper ensuring you get the full effect for your dining room.

    1 - Claire 2 - Asian Spirit 3 - Smog

    To add visual impact add complimentary accessories and wall art to make a statement. Below are examples of our glitter wall art designs that are striking and impessive adding visual impact hung on a feature wall of a similar colour or constrained against a subtle coloured wall. It’s also great to use bright blooms on wall art as they compliment the walls and provide an extra ray of sunshine. 

    Use your imagination to select the best forms of accessories that you personally like while keeping in mind the overall effect they will have on the dining room. Simplicity and elegance are the key fundamental factors that must be always present whenever engaging in the process of decorating a contemporary dining room. You do not have to spend much on decorating with a contemporary approach.

    You can easily improve the overall look of your dining room in many different ways with the products we have on offer here at Graham & Brown.

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