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    Trendspotting and more

    Sabine Modder

    An integral part of the Mocoloco team since 2005, Sabine can be found exploring art and design shows around the world, seeking out the latest entries from artists and studios that are established, emerging and everything in between. Designs that are high concept, high comfort and high quality are sure to get her attention, as are those that appeal to her sense of touch and sense of humour. An object may be simple, but the good storytelling behind it can be very seductive.

    What’s happening in the world of trends this season? Stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano, a key player in the area of trendspotting, recently answered this question at Ambiente 2014, the world’s largest consumer goods trade fair, which took place this year in Frankfurt from February 7 – 11.  Although this season’s tone is generally quiet, the calm is punctuated by intensity and surprise.  
    Stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano identified four strong themes as the trends of 2014: subtle spirit and serene nature were contrasted by stunning temper and striking mind. There is something for everyone among these diverse trends.
    Stunning temper is all about the element of surprise that emerges when unconventional patterns, textures or materials are married. The bold concepts that result are an expression of confidence and daring. Experimentation is encouraged and a healthy dose of humour expected. The colour palette is playful and imaginative, with shades of mandarin, lime and raspberry mixing with apricot, teal and light grey. 
    Fabulous from Julien Macdonald & Precious from Superfresco Easy
    Subtle spirit is a reflection of quiet strength and quality. The colours marked by this trend are by no means washed out; instead they manifest a steady elegance that is warm, inviting and intimate. Look to midnight blue, fir and aubergine to set the tone; accent them with jade, mauve and matte gold. Traditional techniques and craftsmanship are explored in contemporary contexts. 
    Ikat from Kelly Hoppen & Botanical Floral from Kelly Hoppen
    Striking mind is clean, strong and intense. Graphic effects, geometric patterns and chrome play off black, white, slate, blue and yellow. The message is one of focus and clarity. The call to action is an intellectual reflection of functionality and classic style. 
    Carnival from Hemingway & Wonky Boxes from Hemingway
    Serene nature peels back the layers to simplicity. Materials are natural, forms are fuss-free and the effect is one of smooth, measured calm.  Soft colours such as taupe, grey, sand, peach and hints of violet help to slow us down and ground us, allowing us to press pause within our hectic lifestyles. This atmosphere lends itself to mindfulness as we gently build our energy.
    Willow from Superfresco Easy & Alaska from Superfresco Easy
    There you have it – this season’s moods according to Stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano. Underlined by quiet strength, the trends of 2014 emphasize atmospheres that are conducive to balance, confidence and, always, an element of surprise. How will you adapt them to your lifestyle?