Our Favourite Textured Wallpapers

On trend textured wallpapers

If you happen to have spent any time on social media recently, the odds are you will have seen more than one post talking about textured walls and how they are making a huge comeback. At Graham and Brown we have a multitude of luxurious, fresh and on trend wallpapers that fit the bill and are sure to get your home looking modern and up to date.

Orbit White Grey Wallpaper

Our Orbit White Grey Wallpaper has been inspired by crystal Moonstone, associated with the inner goddess and harmonic was ‘going-with-the-flow’.

This luxuriously textured wallpaper complements any classic or modern decor and is the perfect design for using on all four walls.

Orbit White Grey Wallpaper

Crocodile Black Wallpaper

Crocodile Black Wallpaper

One of our bestsellers, and absolute favourite textured wallpaper is our Crocodile Black Wallpaper.

This dark, dramatic colour palette combined with the crocodile texture creates an elegant and exceptional wallpaper. This is the perfect choice to bring the textured trend and an element of glamour into your home.

Tranquil Pebble Wallpaper

The wonderfully clean design of our Tranquil Pebble Wallpaper is perfect for the textured wall trend and serene enough for all four walls.

This calming wallpaper has a matte and metallic colour palette mixed with a natural effect which make it ideal for any room in your home.

Tranquil Pebble Wallpaper

Knitted Texture Pink Wallpaper

Knitted Texture Pink Wallpaper

If neutral and monotone colours aren’t for you but you still want to jump on board with the textured trend, look no further than our Knitted Texture Pink Wallpaper.

This elegantly textured wallpaper is inspired by the iconic knitted weave and the warm blush tone is highlighted with beautiful metallic shimmers, perfect for creating a warm, cosy environment.

Creased Up Wallpaper

Our Creased Up Wallpaper is designed to bring the wow factor to your decor.

This on-trend wallpaper is designed to give the illusion of crumpled and creased paper, giving the textured look you’re after but in reality is flat, something that is definitely going to get your guests talking! This effective, yet neutral, design is perfect for any room in the house.

Buhler Carlyle Square Bespoke Wall Mural

Taupe Koruku Wallpaper

Gilbert Blackmore Vale Bespoke Wall Mural

Our Taupe Koruku Wallpaper has a more subtle texture, but still enough to fit into the current trend.

This heavyweight wallpaper is embossed, creating a luxurious look and feel without being overtly textured, making it perfect for all four walls. As this wallpaper is thicker it also makes it perfect for covering any small cracks, bumps or imperfections that there may be on the wall.

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