Colours that go with brown

It’s no secret that colour can transform a room, and decorating with brown is no different. A grounding, earthy neutral, this endlessly versatile shade can work with just about any design style as well as bringing warmth to interiors. Thinking about using brown in your home décor but need more inspiration? You’ve come to the right place, as we’ve put together some handy advice on what colour goes with brown.

Dec 21, 2023

The psychology of the colour brown

Certain hues used in interior design can affect our mood, so what is the colour psychology behind brown? Typically associated with feelings of safety, security and relaxation, it’s the ideal shade if you’re looking to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Brown transforms a space into a comfortable, cosy environment, which makes it a particularly good option for a living room or bedroom.

Kingdom Camel Wallpaper

Brown colour schemes 

From taupe and dark chocolate to coffee, walnut and chestnut, we guarantee there’s a shade of brown on the spectrum that you’ll want to incorporate into your home. Want to find out what colour goes with brown? Here are five colour schemes for you to try…

Warm metallics 

Beyond making a room infinitely and instantly more glamorous, the combination of warm metallics and darker brown shades will bring light and warmth into a space. The subdued nature of a brown palette allows glimmering metals like antique gold, rose gold, copper and brass to really stand out. If you’re looking to make more of a statement with this colour pairing, look no further than our Borneo Teal wallpaper. With a rich teal backdrop and light brown banana leaves, this striking jungle-inspired design will give walls plenty of personality – just add metallic accessories to finish.

Borneo Teal Wallpaper

Greys and neutrals 

If you want to pull off a pared-down design scheme, teaming brown with greys and other neutral colours is a sure-fire way to get it right. Layering shades like mocha and beige with grey wallpaper ensures there is enough contrast, while delivering a look that’s classic yet current. Neutral hues tend to encourage deep relaxation, so why not create a peaceful bedroom or living room with this pairing?

Esther Stone Wallpaper

Dark blues and greens

For an eye-catching colour combination that will elevate your home, try pairing brown tones with dark blues and greens. The reason why these work so well together? As they are on opposite ends of the colour wheel, these contrasting hues are surprisingly complementary. Use taupe to offset navy blue, turquoise or pale blue, and bring colour into the space without it feeling overwhelming.

Blush pink 

Not much beats the beauty of a blush pink and brown colour scheme. It may be an unexpected match, but these two hues work together to create a simple, soothing palette. It’s a perfect fit for an office and can be used in a hallway to set the tone for the rest of your home. To achieve this look, style pale and earthy browns with our Silk Texture Blush wallpaper. With its unique fabric-look effect, it will add texture to the scheme and help prevent it from looking dull or flat.

Silk Texture Blush Wallpaper

Duck egg blue

Another great way to embrace decorating with brown is to team it with duck egg. Ranging from nearly green to almost blue, this soft and serene shade will work in both modern and traditional interiors. Try refreshing walls with our Bluebird paint, before adding brown accents with wooden furniture. When used in bedrooms, it creates a space that’s naturally restful.