How to Use Accessories in the Home

Home accessories can change the whole dynamic of a room and can give your home the decor update that it needs without having to completely re-decorate. Not only can they add warmth and character, complementary accessories can also help to finish off your existing theme. With this is mind, here is a step by step guide to using our accessories in the home
Express Your Personality
Using different colours and textures can really change the tone of a room but it can also allow you to showcase your own sense of style and add a personal touch. Our distressed shelves can spice up a plain wall and give you the opportunity to showcase a range of your favourite personal items. Alternatively, you can simply fill the shelves with a host of candle holders to create a dramatic focal point. 
Make it Seasonal 
With every new season comes a flurry of fresh home decor trends but we know it isn’t realistic to redecorate every three months. Updating your accessories is a simple way of paying homage to a new season making a room lighter and brighter in spring or creating comfort and warmth in the winter months. Our large glass vase makes the perfect centrepiece to any table and you can fill it with seasonal items and update the contents throughout the year. Pour in pine cones in the autumn months and replace them with fresh blooms in the summer. 
Brighten Up Any Room 

If you have played it safe with neutral decor, you can use accessories to add a pop of colour to the room to match your personal taste. To inject a blast of personality to the room, our neon pillow on a black background is the perfect addition. To add a more elegant touch of colour, our understated seed head cushion on a mulberry ombre background adds a subtle hint of purple. 
Create an Ambiance with Mood Lighting 
Candles not only add a touch of elegance to any space but they also help to set a mood. Whether you want to create a tranquil ambiance in the bathroom or a romantic atmosphere in the dining room, you can use accessories to set the scene for any occasion. Our heart shaped tea light holder is the perfect centrepiece for a dinner table or coffee table and is pretty yet practical while our golden birdcage candle holder is the perfect statement piece. 
Make a Statement with Multiple Accessories 
Adding a new accessory here and there can update your room in an instant but if you want to create more of a statement, use multiples of the same accessory. For example, our embellished fabric canvases look stunning alone but even better when you mix and match the designs. Update your bedroom decor by hanging our canvases in a row above the bed or sofa. Alternatively, you can use multiple accessories to create a focus point in the room. Having accessories dotted around the room can make the space seem cluttered but gathering a collection of accessories in one place like the surface of a coffee table or in a cabinet draws the eye to that part of the room. Vary the size and shape of the accessories to create visual interest. 
So, there you have it, our top décor tips for using accessories in your home