Wallpaper of the year 2015

Each year a team of our expert designers gather to pinpoint the upcoming trends of the year. Ultimately these forecasts dictate the look and feel of our homes. These passionate designers each have their own style and flair for interior design, yet there’s one thing we can all agree on - the wallpaper of the year.
After much deliberation, we’ve delved into the archives to retrieve a much loved design that we all agree meets the demand for high fashion designs and ticks all the boxes for upcoming trend forecasts.

The beautiful Northern Rose wallpaper has claimed the prestigious title and it’s easy to see why.
Our panel of top designers were suitably impressed by the delicate floral motif that climbs the walls. With a gorgeous blue hue and eye-catching pink and green accents, the colour palette for this wallpaper will suit any home. 
Add a little spring to your home with each flowering bud. This playful design embodies the beauty of an English garden during the warmer months, capturing the essence of a joyful spring afternoon and carefree summer days. Perfect for communal areas where you’ll likely be entertaining friends and family, this fabulous pattern should be allowed to stretch across all four walls.
Easily transitioning into autumn/winter trends, the metallic accents of this pattern encourage light to fill every corner of your home. This subtle shimmering effect has huge interior implications, opening up the walls and creating an illusion that your room is bigger than it actually is.
Typically British, this design oozes vintage charm. Much like what you’ll see on the runways of Paris and London, vintage trends seem to have sparked a revival for delicate floral patterns. Northern Rose closely falls in line with the kind of patterns you’d likely find adorning the walls of homes in the ‘50s. Post-war life paved the way for the swinging ‘60s, so you can imagine the experimental colours and patterns of homes celebrating their sudden liberation.
Uplifting and optimistic, this beautiful design has an air of ‘The Darling Buds of May’ about it. 
You may have spotted this wallpaper before during one of our road trips. ‘Doris the Morris’ has been travelling up and down the country, spreading joy and interior inspiration whilst sporting the charming Northern Rose motif. What better way to decorate this classic car than with our traditional floral pattern?
We’ve been designing wallpaper since 1946 and choosing a wallpaper of the year wasn’t easy, especially when you consider the fact we now stock thousands of different designs. Yet Northern Rose really captured the tone of 2015 and the runway trends that inspire our sartorial choices. Whilst designers Tom Ford and Chanel hit the catwalks with vintage-inspired dress, you can evoke all the splendour of these trends with our stunning wallpaper in time for when these designs eventually hit the shelves. It’s always nice to be one step ahead in the fashion stakes!
At Graham & Brown, we move with the times and understand that you’re going to be looking for a trend-orientated design that not only highlights new exciting trends, but also embodies you and your style. That’s why we love to celebrate designs such as Northern Rose, a traditional yet contemporary pattern loved by all.