Vertical Stripes

A striped wallpaper makes both a stylish and aesthetically practical choice for almost any room. Stripes in alternating colours can be used to pull together the different shades of a room’s décor, while accentuating the height of rooms with lower ceilings.
Stripes have been a common – often essential – feature of interior design for over 200 years, from the clean lines of Georgian architecture to the “Op Art” style of the British painter Bridget Riley in the 1960s. 
We’ve selected four wallpaper designs that use vertical stripes in a variety of ways, hopefully demonstrating the versatility, practicality and stylishness of the humble stripe.

1 - Flock Star Stripe

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen is famous for his stylish appearance and design ethic, and in ‘Flock Star Stripe’ he gives a classic, Georgian-style wallpaper a modern twist, with shimmering metallic highlights. This would be a splendid addition to any sitting room or dining room, whether you have vintage or contemporary furniture, and though quite a dark design is bright and eye-catching enough so as not to render a room gloomy.

Hung vertically, stripe wallpaper adds a feeling of height to a room or hallway. It is available in a range of colour combinations. 

2 - Long Island Stripe

There’s an almost nautical, yacht club feel to this bright and summery wallpaper design of stripes in various widths of white, blue, dark blue and red. ‘Long Island Stripe’ works splendidly in conjunction with blocks of red, white or blue, or as the highlight of a feature wall or fireplace, and will look wonderful in a child’s bedroom or playroom. The vertical stripes a colourful and modern.

3 - Imperial Stripe

Another simple and stylish creation, ‘Imperial' vertical stripe wallpaper comes in a variety of colours, but here we’ve chosen yellow and grey with metallic outlines. The bold stripes and crisp, contrasting colours will brighten almost any space, but are guaranteed to give hallways and landings a certain traditional and sophisticated charm.

4 - Hounslow Stripe

Of course, “striped” doesn’t have to mean minimalist. If you were looking for something a little more decorative, ‘Hounslow’ fills the gaps between its autumnal, chocolate brown vertical stripes with a delicate and understated Victorian-style floral wallpaper pattern and a small-scale brown and cream geometric. This design coordinates particularly well with our ‘Clancy’ and ‘Ainslie’ ranges.