The Superfresco Easy challenge.....


We know that for some time now we have been insisting that Pasting the Wall is quicker than Pasting the paper when it comes to wallpapering, yet there are still people who question just how easy it is.

So in order to lay some of this doubt to bed once and for all we took some ordinary DIYer's and asked them to decorate a standard wall using various decorating techniques to see which was quickest, the results even surprised us. There are no tricks here just a time lapse camera and a stop watch, we used the same person to decorate the same space and the results speak for themselves.

Superfresco Easy vs Paint

First of all we pitted Superfresco Easy against Paint, take a look at the video below to see how it on.

As you can see Pasting the Wall is over 5 times faster than painting. Now we know that you may not need that second coat however it's still faster than adding a single coat of paint and a lot cleaner and tidier.

Superfresco Easy vs Traditional Wallpaper

Next we compared Paste the Wall against Paste the Paper, the modern vs the traditional, take a look below to see how it went.



As you can see another resounding success for Paste the Wall wallpaper, it's almost 3 times quicker than the traditional method and again a lot cleaner and tidier. It really is the perfect choice if it's perhaps your first time using wallpaper and we promise it really is as simple as it looks.

Superfresco Easy vs Paint vs Traditional Wallpaper

Ok so let's combine all of the above and see who comes out on top.





I think you must be getting the idea by now, we think it's quicker, easier and tidier. If your still not convinced take a look at the other challenges below.

Superfresco Easy vs Pre pasted Wallpaper

Pre pasted wallpaper, when it was first introduced, was supposed to be the answer to making wallpapering simpler and easier, well let's take a look if that really is the case.





Well it was a bit quicker than traditional wallpaper but still no contest for Paste the Wall. One of the big benefits of Paste the Wall is that because you don't need to soak the paper it's much easier to handle so with pre pasted you still have the difficulty of handling a wet piece of wallpaper, not so difficult on a straight wall but more problematic when it comes to corners or awkward spots.

Superfresco Easy vs Traditional Wallpaper - Removal

Ok so we now know it's easier to decorate with Paste the Wall wallpaper but did you know how easy it was to remove? No, well take a look below and see just how easy it is.





Now I know this one is difficult to believe but it really is as easy as it looks, we haven't played any tricks or cut any corners the sheets come off in one piece and you are ready to go again, making it easier to update your room as often as you like without having to worry about the pain of stripping wallpaper.

So have we convinced you? If so then why not take a look at our full range of Superfresco Easy wallpapers.

If you are in need of some more convincing then why not take a look at the rest of our Superfresco Easy resources, you can see some practical guides on how to wallpaper, including around some of the more tricky areas of your room and a whole host of real people using the product.