Made of Design

Take one Whippet, a Morris Minor and the most charming wallpaper, and it will certainly make you feel something.  Hopefully it will make you smile. We’re sure it will make you think a little differently about “stuff”.  That’s the approach Graham & Brown take to design, to business and I dare say, life in general.  We’re here to enjoy ourselves, and to share that joy, with our customers. For there is little more satisfying than sitting on the sofa, or lying on the bed and looking at your new wallpaper.  It makes you feel happy.  It makes us feel happy.  It makes you smile.

So our unlikely ensemble at the centre of our “Made of Design” ethos – reflects us in a funny sort of way.  We’re a bit northern – like whippets, and indeed whippets in flat caps.  We like to go places in eccentric style or to put it another way a 1961 wallpapered Morris Minor. We love beautiful design, and we’re more than just a touch British, were ever we are in the world.
Keep your eyes peeled for Doris, follow her - @Doris_Minor. There always a chance you might even meet @BorisTheWhippet as he likes a good walk, and everyone adores a Northern Rose. If you are not lucky enough to meet them in person your certain to see them in the next magazine you pick up and many other unexpected places.
So join our movement – there’s never been a better time to put some pattern in your life – come on – feature walls are fast becoming four walls – plain is plain, and design is always in fashion. 
Go out on all four walls.  We’re devoted to pattern, its in our heart and soul, design is what we’re made of.  This is our code: