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    Walls of Fashion

    Amongst all the excitement of new colours, patterns, trends and fun, we can all get a little confused about what is actually there. Here we are going to look at the trendiest patterns at the moment, where we have seen them and most importantly where we can buy them! As ever at Graham & Brown, we have covered all bases so you need to look no further for your new fashion – focused wallpaper.

    One of the biggest prints to grace catwalks, high street and home at the moment is what we like to call “Art School”. Art has influenced us since the beginning of time and now we take a look back and appreciate some of the classics. From Picasso’s abstract faces to Matisse’s cut out collages, classic art styles are everywhere. You can have your own gallery in your home by choosing a painted print, whether that is a floral, damask or geometric. 

    With a much worldlier feel, global gathering is our next big print. Taking a big step back from classic, this print style is vibrant and fun, the more exotic the better! Again, this print style can come in the form of floral or even geometric with loads of bright colours. Imagine that you are an explorer and you room is your suitcase of souvenirs.

    Last, but by no means least we have “Pastel”, named obviously for its simple and effective colour palette. This mood is intended to give you more of a direction in colour for print instead of the style of pattern. Like the other two print styles, Pastel allows you to be free to choose florals, damasks and even geometrics, but tones down the whole look with a cool and calm colour range. 

    Written By Jody

    I am the design studio apprentice at Graham and Brown. When designing and creating new ideas I like to resort back to good old fashioned cutting and sticking, collaging just about anything I can get my hands on (no seriously, anything!). 

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