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    Colour Confidence

    When decorating a room, colour, as we all know is in most cases the most important thing. Although exciting, choosing the right colours can also be a very daunting. So how can these hard decorating decisions become much easier and less stressful? Let’s talk…

    If you are using blocks of colour to accompany wallpaper on left-over walls then the solution is easy. The trick is to use colours that are already in the pattern. It doesn’t matter how big or small the colours feature in the wallpaper and you can use then as much or as less as you want. Even if it’s the green in a flower stem, using the colour will bring out beautiful feature in the pattern. 


    Once you have chosen a colour to match you wallpaper, encourage yourself to choose a second one. Using a second colour to accompany your pattern will make the room more interesting and will make buying accessories a lot easier. For the braver and for those seeking a really trendy approach to decorating then using two colours on one wall is the way forward. For this you really need to allow the creative inside you to take over. Vertical colour blocks running across walls are bang on trend and look really, really cool. Use picture rails and even doors in your painterly masterpiece!

    Colour Inspirations
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    Colour blocks can also be used to make a great feature wall. Again, restricting your colours to match existing furnishings or patterns already in your room will help to maintain your palette. Just using masking tape and a good brush, get geometric with random shapes.

    Wall Colour accessories
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    As I mentioned before, you can also start with your colour choices with your room furnishings and accessories. Using them as a starting point gives you a ready-made colour palette that you know you already love. You can even incorporate them into your colour blocking theme. Why not try making contrasting colour block curtains?

    Vintage Home
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    After all this colour confidence, if the softer approach is for you then we have some alternatives for you here at Graham & Brown in the form of Wall Art. A fresh neutral wall featuring some amazing, colourful wall art will look just as effective but a little more reserved. They are also a great starting point when choosing colour.

    Neon Art
    So the next time you are hopelessly staring at colour swatch cards, have a little more confidence in your choice. Be bold, be brave and as always have fun!


    Written By Jody

    I am the design studio apprentice at Graham and Brown. When designing and creating new ideas I like to resort back to good old fashioned cutting and sticking, collaging just about anything I can get my hands on (no seriously, anything!). 

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