Gallery Tour


Welcome to our new look Graham and Brown wall art gallery showcasing our live product collections in a creative environment, I do hope you enjoy taking a look around.




All product development starts with that initial spark and for G&B wall art so much comes from our trend research taken from our travels, research and the creative minds in our design studio. Through our trend team we create 5 trend stories, each with their own pattern direction and colour palette, we then translate each story into the design translations and product finishes for our wall art. Trends are the key to keeping products fresh and the customer excited.


Our time line graphic in the gallery highlights the almost decade of what we have achieved within wall art, whether that's collections launched, product categories innovated or designer and artist collaborations, I feel proud looking back over our journey so far and also excited knowing what we have in development that will soon be part of this, our very own wall of fame. For now I’ll take you on a tour of our capsule collections and interactive areas in our gallery.


This amazing statement display of our self adhesive JEWELS collection shows how fabulous these little gems can make your wall look, there are 10 different colours and shapes available to embellish and bling up wallpaper, craft projects even bringing some sparkle to cards and wrapping paper, the only limit is imagination. Bling is always a good thing!


Something we are very passionate about at G&B is delivering great quality products and by working with our supply partners we tackle new product challenges together ensuring we meet high innovation and quality standards that we adhere to across all of our product categories. This “All that glitters” capsule collection of printed canvases introduces an irridescent glitter finish to the popular product category. The romantic rose, dandelion and blossom branch have beautiful highlights of sparkle to increase their prettiness and feminine appeal, by contrast the 3 dramatic blooms have structure and boldness that is emphasised with a sprinkle of black or gold glitter bringing a great luxury finish.

This year sees the G&B wall art offer moving into new directions and delivering new exciting capsule collections, we have achieved this by collaborating with artists and photographers that have a passion for creating wall art designs and they bring a fresh perspective and dimension to the range. This wall in the gallery celebrates our first artist collaboration with Dutch painter Marie Josee Boerenkamp, her paintings are a mix of impressionism and lyrical abstract and the vibrant colours used bring a contemporary feel to the classic floral designs. 
Our second collaboration is with David Clapp who brings us our first photographic range. David is a passionate photographer and his work is critically acclaimed and is regularly featured in the photography press. David specialises in landscape, travel and architectural photography. His imagery is very technically driven and stands out due to his personal style and strong desire to be out on location. His collection captures two different views of New York. The first represents the feminine and romantic style and his use of infrared technology intensifies the nostalgic feel. The second, in complete contrast, is of strong masculine architecture and the classic well known structures are further emphasised with metallic detailing on the canvas.


This vast back wall in the gallery is ideal to showcase our full collection of product designs and finishes in colour blocks for easy selection. It includes printed canvases, framed prints, shaped letters and functional magnetic canvases that include 6 magnets so you can have a great looking piece of wall art that can hold your favourite photos or important notices.

This area displays our themed design trend concepts in a way that show how to mix product finishes to create a room statement and the photography can inspire our customers to create their own personal statement in their homes.

This new addition to the gallery is great fun and is to simply promote having fun in an art environment. Neither staff or customers have been able to resist being a little silly and creating snaps in our interactive photo booth, complete with props and frames to create a perfect portrait.

Hope you have enjoyed taking a look around our Gallery!