5 Things to Paint Black



Depending on your home décor style, black can look incredibly sophisticated and it doesn’t have to be limited to the walls. If you want to add this bold shade to your repertoire, here are five things that look stunning when painted black.



Dapper Doors



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You don’t have to paint the whole room black to make an impact. Glossy and gorgeous, black is a classic and stylish shade that can add drama to any space. One way to create a contrast is to paint your doors black. Our Uptown paint is ideal for doors and can’t fail to add a touch of class to any room.




Sophisticated Ceilings



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A bold colour like black is ideal when you want to pick out a feature and make it the star of the show and what better place to make a statement that the ceiling? Painting your ceiling black can make a high ceiling appear lower and this is a great way to make a large room feel cosier without compromising on style. If the room in question already has a sprinkling of black accents, a black ceiling can really add the perfect finishing touch. Looking for the perfect shade for your ceiling? Checker black paint lends itself well to this task.



Fabulous Fireplaces



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If you want to add a touch of drama to a tired room, a contrasting fireplace can breathe new life into an outdated space. A bold black shade can give your fireplace the facelift that it needs to look shiny and sleek.



Beautiful Baths



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If you want to create a statement feature in your bathroom, a black bath will add a new dynamic to the room. Black works especially well if you want to update an old freestanding copper bath. Monochrome bathroom design is timeless but painting your bath  black puts a contemporary spin on a classic look. For this DIY project, look no further than our Drama paint.






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Black may not have been your first choice when picking out furniture but when used sparingly, black can transform your space in an instant. Our Bewitched paint is the perfect shade for furniture due to its matte finish. Use this dramatic shade to transform chairs, tables, cabinets and desks.

Black is a powerful colour that can make or break a room. However, using it sparingly can lend each room a heavy dose of style without breaking the bank.



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