Barbara Hulanicki


I went to art school to study fashion because I loved fashion and at the time there were very little choices. Eventually I took a fashion illustration course, which was a quick way to get into the industry. Later when I met Fitz my husband, he encouraged me to design my own clothes. Biba was born and we continued to grow over the course of twelve years.



Eventually I opened a home department where we developed/designed our own soft goods such as pillows, curtains and wallpapers to reflect the bIba brand. Biba was always about mood and interiors. I wanted the atmosphere to compliment the clothes and so the interiors were a huge part of that image. By the time we got to the big store it was really important to have a different identity on each floor. Funnily enough I was terribly into Disney - the Disney property in LA was just so beautiful and every floor had a different theme, logo and identity and that’s likely where a lot of my inspiration came from.

It was such a natural step when Jo and Ronnie Wood asked me to design a club in Miami. At the time Miami was much like London in the 1960’s. The Art Deco buildings were dilapidated and people like Ron Wood and Chris Blackwell began to restore them. I was fortunate to be part of that period and I have continued working in Interior design ever since.


When Graham and Brown (and Disney) asked me to design Wallpaper based on the Disney Villains I was so excited, as I love baddies. We decided on Maleficent and her pet Diablo, from Sleeping Beauty.  Maleficent is an incredible Disney Character, she is extremely elegant yet terribly wicked. She is an iconic "wicked" Disney character that has spanned many generations. It was an exciting challenge to recreate her in a modern way and I really loved getting back to illustrating.




I was so thrilled to find out Disney was re-imagining Maleficent, let’s face it, only Angelina Jolie could be Maleficient.