Decorate 5 Rooms with 1 Wallpaper Range


Refreshing your décor can be addictive so don’t be surprised if updating one room leads to re-decorating every room in the house. Our paste the wall wallpaper range makes it easier than ever to update a room, so much so that you may not be able to keep it to just four walls. Thanks to our simple to apply wallpaper, you can update every room in your home at the same time.


Create an Impact in the Kitchen


The kitchen is a hub for social behavior with family and friends and as a result you may want to choose a kitchen wallpaper design that energizes the space. Our red waterfall wallpaper design is featured in our Superfresco collection and thanks to the latest technology, you can update your kitchen at speed. Red is quite a daunting colour to choose as it is quite a dramatic shade but the watercolor detail softens it to make it perfect for a lively environment.


Opt for Luxury in the Living Room


Once you have updated the kitchen, your thoughts may turn to the other social space in your home, the living room. Our Virtue Pear wallpaper works well in a living room setting as the nature inspired design adds a soothing effect that complements a relaxing atmosphere. This print is timeless and the muted colour palette is trendy yet tranquil as a living room wallpaper.


Make a Design Statement in the Dining Room


Moving on to the dining room where we have just the design for a decadent space. Our Innocence stone and cream wallpaper design is luxurious yet understated. The dining room tends to be a small space and this colour palate can really open up a room and create the illusion of space.




Go for Metallics in the Master Bedroom


The bedroom should be a place for relaxation and our eternal cream and gold wallpaper is as elegant as it is enchanting. A spot of glamour always goes down well in a master bedroom and this stunning bedroom wallpaper is sprinkled with metallic elements that catch the light to create a shimmery sheen.


Keep it Playful and Chic in the Children’s’ Bedroom


When choosing a design for the children’s bedroom, why not opt for something cute and colourful? Our Calico stripe duck egg wallpaper is the perfect choice. A child’s bedroom is one of the rooms that is changed most often but thanks to the Superfresco range, you can change it in minutes.