The Oxidised Collection


ur Oxidised collection is all about embracing the imperfect; how chemical reactions can create beautiful, awe inspiring hues whilst metallics add shine and natural materials for a more luxurious feel.

This collection comes from our Ground trend which feeds in to trends for 2018. It features 3 designs; Oxidised Tile, Oxidised Textured and Metallic Brick. Oxidised Tile & Textured being printed on foil, a new technique for Graham & Brown, which really stays true to the core of this collection and the trend it’s born from. With Metallic Brick providing a glamorous feel to an industrial style wallpaper.

Oxidised Tile has 2 colourways to choose from, both of which feature a distressed mirror like tile for a urban and edgy finish.

Oxidised Tile Rust

Oxidised Tile Blackened

Oxidised Textured is the more organic of the 2 looks. Printed on foil again, this design features a more streaky finish, portraying the look of a rusted metal sheet.

Oxidised Textured Petrol

Oxidised Textured Sepia

Metallic Brick moves the exposed brick look through to 2018. Using the trendiest metals, Bronze & Rose Gold, to add a feminine but modern feel to this traditionally masculine design.

Metallic Brick Bronze Black

Metallic Brick Rose Gold White