The Blush Collection

Our Blush collection combines soft warm pinks and copper metals that promise to add a touch of ethereal style to your home. Featuring glamourous damask details and a sorbet colour palette, every piece in this collection has a feminine feel to bring you décor that is both opulent and uplifting. The Blush collection hones in on elegant designs using pastel shades to create a look that is idyllic and sophisticated with a contemporary twist.

For our Blush Collection, we’ve teamed delicate metallic details with subtle peach and pink hues to create a sense of effortless grace. Each piece in the collection can be used alone to bring a whimsical touch to any space or layered together for a more glamourous effect. The metallic accessories paired with the blush tones create a rustic effect that contrasts beautifully with both wood and leather. Our Burlesque Pink and White wallpaper design would look dreamy in a bedroom due to its silver glitter highlights while our Verdant Pink wallpaper is a softer choice if you favour peachy tones. Every design in our Blush collection is simply stunning and our Audrey and Taffetia paint shades are the perfect neutral tones should you desire a simpler backdrop.

The Blush collection features soft pink and champagne tones that are complemented with metallic accessories in the form of our lighting and wall art. Metallics work so well with blush tones but also lend themselves to other sumptuous textures like velvet, linen and sheer fabrics. Our delicate copper lanterns are the perfect starting point when lavishing your home with metallic accessories. For an office space that radiates contemporary charm, our angled copper desk lamps are a modern update for the season ahead. The copper and blush colour theme lends itself to contemporary home décor but the shimmering metallics and soft neutral tones make it a timeless choice.

Wall art can change the feel of a room completely and can be swapped and changed to update your décor at speed. Our framed feather prints will help you to tie in the ethereal theme that you have created with the blush and copper tones and help you to sprinkle this trend throughout the home. We adore both the duo framed print and the trio feather design which only highlight the emphasis on the theme of natural beauty. This coveted collection can’t fail to add an air of sophistication to any room.