Scandi Sanctuary


Here at Graham & Brown, we like to take the current décor trends and show you how to create them in your own home. This week, we want to put a spotlight on the Scandi sanctuary trend and help you to transform your home with a calm, paired back aesthetic in muted tones. Whether you want to infuse your home with a hint of Scandi style or you want to commence on a complete décor overhaul, we can help you get the look.


Tweak Your Colour Scheme


The Scandi Sanctuary trend is all about muted greys and whites so our wallpaper collection should be your first port of call. This trend relies on natural textures that boast a balance of simplicity and style. Our Wood Plank wallpaper and Woodgrain grey wallpaper are both superb options should you wish to create a Scandi style backdrop. These designs tick a multitude of boxes allowing you to mirror the trend with both a fitting colour palette while incorporating a natural vibe that is integral to the theme.


Keep it Cool Calm and Collected


Clutter has no place in a Scandi Sanctuary so before you choose a few key accessories that embody the trend it is wise to de-clutter to create a sense of calm. Once you have a paired back base, update your room with our Natural Cosy Rope rug to add a heavy dose of Scandinavian flair. Without a few home comforts, this minimalistic trend can feel cold and unwelcoming but warm textures add luxury to your home. With an emphasis on stripped back décor, any accessories you choose shouldn’t distract from the overall look of the room. Our large clear glass vases will complement this theme perfectly adding sophistication to your interior without interrupting the muted colour scheme.


Focus on Nature


When it comes to working with this trend, less is more but that doesn’t mean you can’t put your own personal spin on it or make a statement. Nature plays a huge role in this trend so don’t be afraid to add the finishing touches to your space with a few pieces of wall art. Contrast the muted walls with our Horse Print on Wood Wall canvas or Watercolour Woods printed canvas to add elegance and calm.


Embracing the Scandi Sanctuary trend is simple thanks to our wonderful range of paired back wallpaper designs and home accessories.