Off the Wall and Onto the Plate


s part of our House of Wallpaper event, we challenged Pedro Passinhas to create a menu inspired by our G&B wallpapers. Having worked in the world’s finest restaurants led by Michelin Starred Chefs, Pedro’s dining experience is always about more than just the food.

The way I work in terms of developing menus is always based around textures, colours, the seasons, drawing inspiration from art from landscape from design from nature. When looking at G&B wallpaper project I could identify a lot of similarities to research I was already developing at denim n dine. The idea was to somehow translate what I saw from the wallpaper onto a plate of food whilst Keeping the food delicious, seasonal, visually appealing and with a clear connection to the wallpaper theme. Textures of the plates, colours, materials, and even their weights help establish a link between each dish and the matching wallpaper, helping to create a food narrative, that ties in all of these aspects together.We also wanted to create a meal that would provoke the diners senses, not just the taste but tactile, visual, aromas, making the experience very interactive. This is where I started research into Edible papers, shaping ingredients into natural elements such as leaves, moss, barks, minerals, using colours, contrasts in textures to help create the connection for the dinner between all of our selection of G&B wallpaper themes and our menu for the experience.

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As light as paper

Ginger and cumin foam, carrot and orange granita, edible napkin.The idea here, was to use the paper like qualities of the ceramic ware. The cup used is as light as paper and feels like paper when touched. I took this and decided to develop a very light mousse that would be the first “byte” the guests would experience, this also acts as a amuse bouche, palette opener for the rest of the meal. Developing also a edible napkin that would be consumed by the guest after the mousse and Granita.

Scrunched up

Scallop “sheet”, slow cooked pork neck, squash puree, pickled cauliflower, almonds. This dish was inspired by G&B wallpaper, scrunched up, the idea was to replicate the scrunched up effect of the paper by developing the scallop “sheet” and folding it onto the plate. The plate used also has “creases” that give the whole dish the finishing touch.


Oyster aluminium, pickled oyster, horseradish cream, parsley mayonnaise, dill. Dish inspired by the metallic, Aluminium properties of the wallpaper. This automatically brought to my mind a fish course. Upon further analysis I knew I wanted to develop a dish which had as a main feature some sort of edible aluminium “paper”. I settled on oysters and dish grew from there with the addition of elements that compliment the oyster and also help bring the metallic colours further into view. To bring it all together we selected a black stone like ceramic bowl.


Edible crispy mushroom snack, creme fraiche dip. I wanted to pay Homage to G&B new WOTY 2018 so came up with the idea of serving crispy fried cracker shaped like twigs. We further developed the idea by wanting this dish to be present at the table from the very beginning, when the guest sits down, camouflaged with real blossom twigs. The guest then gets asked, halfway through the meal to reach in the flower pot and snack at these edible crispy twigs.

A Walk Through the Woods

Edible moss, celeriac bark, smoked celeriac puree, roasted quail. This dish was inspired by the many Floral and autumn representing wallpapers. I immediately thought of recreating a forest “floor” and scenery representing the beginning of Autumn season of the year. All the ingredients selected help bring this image to mind.


Watermelon pith, orange blossom. Using the white pith of watermelon as an origami figure with an orange blossom jelly,This dish acts as the pre dessert, introducing the dinner to the sweeter side of the meal.


Candied beetroot, compressed watermelon, goats milk yoghurt, honey, cocoa soil. Our final dish of the evening. This dessert takes inspiration from a variety of different G&B wallpapers. From an aesthetic perspective, it draws from an earthy colour scheme. Another key element of the dish are the various textures coming together. It is creamy and light and exploding with flavour, hitting your senses intensely. A perfect end to the meal.