Industrial style: Get the look with 3D brick effect wallpaper

3D brick effect wallpaper

Exposed brickwork can look stunning inside a home. But it can be a huge job to create this effect unless you already live somewhere the hard work has been done for you, or it’s part of the house.

For versatility, simplicity, and visual appeal, your best choice is 3D brick effect wallpaper. The 3D design creates the impression of genuine exposed brickwork, without the huge costs and effort of converting your home.

We stock many styles and colours of 3D brick effect wallpaper, but we’ve managed to pull out four of our favourites.

Urban industrial

3D brick effect wallpaper

Imagine a converted Brooklyn warehouse apartment, and you’ll probably think of industrial interiors softened by contemporary artistic touches. Industry Noir wallpaper can help you to recreate this look in your home, with its dark brickwork effect creating a depth that would look perfect in a living room or kitchen.

If you want a bright room, the dark colouring of this wallpaper means it best suits a space that has plenty of natural light. It would look especially good against a light coloured floor. You could even finish the look with stony-coloured accessories to play off the undertones of the paper while juxtaposing its darkness.

Beautifully British

3D brick effect wallpaper

Red brick invokes a charming British character: of terrace houses lining Northern streets, and hard-working buildings of industry. Bring this iconic material into your home using our unusual Red Brick Wallpaper.

Best suited to complementing the warmth of a living room or bedroom, this wallpaper looks ultra-realistic, with multi-tones just as you’d expect from the real thing.

You may find these kinds of colours work well with other natural materials in the room, such as a bare wooden bookcase or leather sofa, to create a warm atmosphere.

Whitewashed wonder

3D brick effect wallpaper

Whitewashed cottages and brightly coloured interiors really invoke that countryside cottage feel, or of houses in a quiet, coastal village. You can recreate this look in your home by choosing White Realistic Brick wallpaper to create a light, clean, open space in your home.  

Great for the kitchen or dining room, this reflective white of this wallpaper can really help you take full advantage of any natural light. Finish the look with bursts of bright colours: flowers, art work, and accessories in red, pink, blue, or green will pop beautifully against this white backdrop.

Modern masterpiece

3D brick effect wallpaper

Brick designs don’t have to be traditional or vintage; the right colour, shades, and patterns can create a contemporary space that feels totally fresh and modern. Briquette Grey wallpaper uses natural stone shades across an almost mid-century modern brickwork pattern to create a calm, clean atmosphere that works well in the kitchen or bathroom.

Try using the soft stone colouring against a monochrome kitchen or bathroom scheme in black, white, and chrome for a crisp look.

Brick wallpaper is a versatile choice for a range of rooms and requires much less time, effort and cost than the real thing. Explore the full range of brick wallpapers to create this eye-catching look in your own home.