How to Style a Monochromatic Room


Monochromatic décor is simply the combination of different shades of the same colour but creating the look if often more complicated that it seems. Regardless of the décor trends that change constantly each season, the monochrome look will never go out of style. If you want to makeover your home, we’ve got a step by step guide to show you how to successfully style a monochromatic room.


Total White Out


So, the first step in creating a monochromatic room is to choose a single colour and pick items that boast different shades of that colour. White lends itself well to a tone on tone colour scheme and it is a great option for those who want to create a light bright an airy space. Combining the many shades of white together can ensure that your room doesn’t give off a clinical feel and ensures the outcome is always elegant. Our white wallpaper collection is a great place to start. Our white paints also provide a simple yet sophisticated backdrop. To keep it interesting, factor in accessories that fill the room with different textures and finishes. Our white angled floor lamp has a high gloss finish that will ensure it stands out from the rest of the room. A bright white wall styled with off white furniture and contrasted with glossy accessories is one way to completely transform a room.




Any colour can be the base of a monochromatic room and grey is a popular choice. When choosing the colour of your walls and picking out accessories remember to choose grey shades from both ends of the spectrum to get the full effect. So for example, contrast a pale shade from our grey wallpaper collection with our dark grey rug. Trying out a monochromatic room doesn’t mean that you can’t include another colour if you want to. For added texture, look no further than our striking grey Bloom Printed Canvas.




A monochromic room design doesn’t simply work with neutral shades. Blue is quite a bold shade but mixing powder blues with navy shades creates a soothing ambiance that has a relaxing effect. Don’t be afraid to add a striking pattern into the mix. Our blue wallpaper collection boasts some fantastic statement patterns and prints that will work well in your monochromatic design. If you prefer to let your accessories take centre stage, opt for a blue paint and let your wall art do the talking.


Putting together a colour scheme can be daunting but using a monochromatic design allows you to showcase elegance effortlessly.