Find your Zen


n Friday 16th February we celebrated Chinese New Year and this year it was represented by the eleventh animal in the Chinese zodiac – the dog! As a northern company we take great pride in our history and heritage and we also love all things northern (that’s a given)! So, when it came to choosing a dog that would represent all things G&B, and this year in particular, there was no debate, it had to be a Whippet!

So, we had Boris the whippet but now we needed the wallpaper! We wanted it to represent East meets West, a fusion of cultures. We had a look back at some of our exclusive designs and we immediately thought of Zen! A stunning oriental trellis printed onto fibrous paper and adorned with metallic highlights. In a range of jewel tones this wallpaper inspired by Japanese shoji screens and makes a real style statement!

East meets West have been defining each other ever since they were deemed two different things. Eastern culture has a wonderfully decadent approach to using colour, deep reds are teamed with golds and silver. Jewel tones of green and blue with clean white relief. The Eastern design of zen was met with western minimalism and modernity. With the Zen collection we approached the design process as a sort of experiment, how far can we push the design and colour of Zen without loosing East or West.

When Sam was styling Zen she was sympathetic to each culture. Zen was the hero of the image and so the whole picture had to showcase that without losing either cultural influence.

Colour is the power of Eastern culture. By introducing two iconic eastern colours, vibrant saffron and tranquil teal, and allowing each the opportunity to sing, the overall effect was utterly harmonious.

Here are some style tips to achieving East meets West interior Zen;

Remember colour is power.If this is the only room in your home where you want to introduce this trend don’t go overboard. Introduce one or two Eastern colours and stick to them, too many and you will lose the wow factory and your room will start to lose its identity. It is all about balance.

Introduce typically western colours that are already present in other rooms. This will create a flow throughout your home, you don’t want this room to feel disjointed.

Let your accessories tell a story. Allow each piece within the room its own space. This trend needs room to be seen, don’t clutter your side tables, shelving and windowsills, this will detract from the look you are trying to achieve.

Don’t be afraid! Take risks and I promise you they will pay off! Create a room that you want to be in. Saffron or jewel tones may seem daunting to us Brits but that’s just because we are so used to seeing grey interiors. Have fun with your home, it is a place of self-expression! But don’t worry if you love the design but don’t want to experiment with the brighter colours just yet, we have some more classic colourways that will allow you to give a nod to the trend without it being completely out of your comfort zone.

Team G&B x