How to create a boho space with floral wallpaper



Floral wallpaper can add a splash of personality and give your home a laid-back, bohemian feel. Different floral patterns will have a different effect – bold prints can be daring and playful, making a real design statement, whereas more neutral floral patterns can be used to create a calm and tranquil atmosphere.


Explore some of our favourite boho floral wallpapers and discover how to inject a bit of free spirit fun into your home.


The moody artist: Boheme blossom wallpaper



With bright explosions of pink and orange, contrasted against hints of black and charcoal, our Boheme blossom wallpaper is vibrant and eye-catching. Watercolour-inspired shapes soften the floral print, allowing it to make a bold statement without looking harsh or overwhelming.


Create a modern boho-themed room by pairing this wallpaper, or one like it, with light-coloured wooden flooring to match the warm tones used in the print. Style the rest of the room with indulgent cushions and throws in shades of pastel grey and white, to finish it off with a sense of luxury.


Also available in jade and mono.


The vintage sweetheart: Funky flora lime and ice wallpaper



With its irresistibly cheerful floral pattern, funky flora lime and ice wallpaper is the perfect print for bringing a bit of vintage boho into your home. The mustard yellow flowers create a distinctive 1960s feel, ideal for anyone looking to channel the groovy decade on a feature wall.


Pair the print with a neutral, solid colour, such as bright white or pale grey, to carry the fresh feel through the room. Balancing retro accessories with modern touches can tie the print in with the rest of your house’s design scheme should that be firmly in this century. Look for vintage-inspired pieces, such as a 1960s coffee table or lamp, and contrast them against dark wood flooring and neutral-coloured rugs for a perfect blend of old and new.


Also available in purple and pink.


The modern classic: Wall flower limestone wallpaper



Channel a contemporary bohemian vibe with the artsy effect of the wall flower limestone wallpaper. The paper is flat but the clever design has a 3D effect with origami-style shapes creating a modern boho floral print.


Use it across the entire room to make a bold statement, or style it on one feature wall to add texture and depth to your space.


The clean lines and pale colouring give this wallpaper an ultra-modern feel. Great for those looking to bring the bohemian floral tradition right up to date.


To maintain the minimalist styling, pair this wallpaper with white flooring, simple furniture, and add a pop of colour with a statement accessory or feature, such as a bright sofa if you’re in the midst of a full redesign, or a patterned rug if you’re just doing a re-style.


The hopeless romantic: Botanical dusk wallpaper



The elegant flowers and pretty colour scheme of the botanical dusk wallpaper convey a traditionalist bohemian feel, made modern by the dusky pink background.


Inspired by botanist Charles Darwin, the drooping petals and long, elegant stalks have a romantic, vintage effect. It’s perfect for creating a brave and unique look that’s bold while maintaining a peaceful atmosphere in the room.


The pastel tones can work well with a Scandi-chic theme. Wooden flooring and furniture look natural against the organic floral pattern, while adding rose gold details and accessories will give your room a trendy, modern feel. If you’re using the wallpaper across a feature wall, consider pairing it with off-white or chalky grey paint for a subtle finish.


Also available in midnight, duck egg, powder, and black.


Whether you want to channel a super-retro theme or create a contemporary atmosphere, there are many ways to use floral wallpaper to achieve a bohemian feel in your home. Find a colour or pattern you love, and embrace your inner hippie! Browse our full range of floral wallpapers for more inspiration.