How to Paint



If you have never painted in your home before then you've landed in the right place.


Tools you will need


- Roller

- Paint

- Brushes

- Painters Tape


First you'll want to pick your shade of Paint. We have 100 to choose from ranging from contemporary neutrals to rich shades of green, blue and red. We offer Paint Sample pots in 100mls of all of our paints so that you can find your perfect colour.

Paint a square in the darkest area of your room to make sure you are happy with the shade. Not forgetting to apply 2 coats to get the true colour.


How to Paint your Wall


- Fill and sand any imperfections on your wall

- Clean the wall with detergent or sugar soap

- Before you begin painting walls, cut in the edges with a paint brush. We used painters tape for a perfect results

- Always mix your paint before application to ensure for a flawless finish

- Starting at the lightest part of the room, you can now take your roller and paint the larger areas of the wall

- Apply another coat if required


For this project we chose 3 colours - Londinium, Beka & Barker Grey