Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Unleash your wild side with our brand new selection of animal wall art. Displaying all of your safari favourites, these sophisticated canvases depict a watercolour animal kingdom that offers a rustic look to any home.
Gathering incredible beasts that many of us would only dream of seeing in the wild, these amazing canvas pieces add something truly unique to your home.
With gorgeous neutral shades that beautifully complement a number of styles, the Wild Thing collection embodies the hazy safari sun. The delicate watercolour paintings offer a ‘tea-stained’ finish that gives it a distinct natural feel, as if these beautiful pieces have been crafted by Mother Nature herself.
The brown tones in this collection would work well against hard wooden flooring and furniture, neutral soft furnishings and perhaps even a touch of metallic wallpaper to really bring out the shimmer of a safari landscape. 
Each of our Wild Thing wall art pieces embody your inner animal spirit, allowing you to truly express yourself in your own interior design. After all, where else can you be yourself if not in your very own home?
Sitting on top of a subtle linen texture, the sophisticated designs add depth to your room and could be used to influence your choice of soft furnishings. Imagine Irish linen throws with the perfect strand-coat pattern draped across your furnishings to match the wall art texture. Perhaps you could go one step further by upcycling your own furniture with a matching linen pattern? This would certainly complement the rustic feel that these canvas wall art designs offer!
It isn’t until you take a closer look at each glorious creation that you really appreciate the subtle shading and texture that bolsters the design. More than just a painting, this wall art combines numerous finishes for an eye-catching talking point that is sure to prompt conversation among your guests.
You’ll be spoiled for choice with our animal wall art, displaying all four at once or scattering them around the walls of your home. We love the way they look when grouped together, but perhaps you’d line them up along the wall or pick one canvas for each bedroom, choosing the animal that best fits the personality of the occupant. 
Each piece offers the perfect balance between bold design and subtle colours, making it an ideal choice for gifts or a treat for yourself if you’re new to using wall art in the home.
When choosing an accompanying wallpaper, there are plenty of styles you can go for as this collection is completely versatile. Perhaps you could continue the theme with textured wallpaper that makes it seem like the art is being lifted right off the wall, or a majestic metallic motif that adds a luxurious twist to these minimalist animal paintings? 
However you choose to display these gorgeous pieces of animal wall art, they’re bound to look fantastic in any room!