Abstract Wallpaper

There are traditional floral or striped wallpapers, and those are very popular but some people want something a little more challenging- more abstract, in fact. Abstract wallpapers are not common but we do have quite a few in the Graham and Brown range nonetheless. Here is a selection of our favourites:


Barcode Tile 

Although designed to work in conjunction with our pinstriped Barcode Linear wallpaper, this pattern can also be used with plain coloured paints or as a feature in itself. 
Barcode Tile provides a very modern, cutting edge feel, and as such it is excellent for offices and spaces that feature ultra-modern décor or are used to house your favourite technology. 
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Loopy Lines 

Loopy lines is one of our most popular abstract wallpaper patterns- in fact, it's an extremely popular wallpaper across all themes. The flowing lines and irregular rows have a slightly retro flavour but this is a very contemporary design which works particularly well with pale furnishings and details. 

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A great option for budding artists and grown-up creative types alike, Frames invites participation and interaction. It's not so much an abstract wallpaper as an ideal base for self-expression. Draw on it, paint it, or even use the frames as a place to host photos or collage art- the choice is entirely yours. 
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Clearly inspired by MC Escher's portfolio, Tower is a captivating wallpaper that never looks the same twice. Available in four colours. Like many of our more abstract patterns, it's a very adult design ideally suited to workspaces, studies, and office interiors. 
Tower is also washable and durable enough to be used in a commercial setting. The very urban shapes suggest a modern city environment, particularly in this shade. 
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Available in purple, cream, or shades of charcoal, Fantasia is a little more abstract from the classic 20s and 30s deco designs from which it derives. This makes it a more contemporary choice, more suited to combination with modern or ultra-modern décor. 
Some viewers also see gently waving palm fronds in the Fantasia design, making it a pleasantly restful choice suitable for bedrooms and lounge areas. Fully washable for ease of maintenance.
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NYC Tile

This monochrome wallpaper integrates irregular black and white tiling with detailed, realistic images for New York City landmarks. It is what we call 'extra-washable'- a wallpaper designed to bring style and class into kitchen and bathroom spaces. It's also anti-bacterial, so lovers of American architecture need not compromise on utility. 
Colour options are this black and white pattern or a variation with deep red tiles in place for the black rectangles. 
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Abstracted apples anyone? Orchard is a popular, highly contemporary design featuring stylised apple shapes coloured in halves. You can choose a pattern with the occasional red half-apple or a simple but nonetheless very effective black and white design with grey-accented halves. 
Apple is also extra washable and anti-bacterial for greater usability in difficult or damper spaces. It is both highly practical and very attractive. 
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