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    Wall Decoration by Winnie The Pooh

    With Graham & Brown’s range of wallpaper, lighting and wall decor accessories, family favourite Winnie the Pooh and his friends can be a part of your baby or toddler’s rooms from day 1. Winnie the Pooh décor is a traditional way to create a peaceful bedroom environment new-borns and toddlers will love for years.
    All the essentials are covered in this range to decorate a bright and engaging nursery or room for your little ones providing them with a happy place to learn and play.
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    • winnie the pooh (36)
    Product type
    • foam wall decor (11)
    • stickers (10)
    • border (4)
    • paint (3)
    • printed canvas (3)
    • mirrors (2)
    • wall mural (2)
    • clocks (1)
    • disney (36)
    • winnie the pooh (36)
    Room of use
    • boys room (12)
    • girls room (12)
    • unisex (12)
    Application method
    • self adhesive (3)
    • paste the wall (1)