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    Create your own Sanctuary - Man Cave

    This is a room that is dedicated to the man’s own pursuits, including spending time alone, or with his mates. This room should contain all the things you enjoy, from football to hobbies.

    Having a man cave in the house may require delicate household negotiations and compromises, but be sure there is enough space to accommodate everyone’s needs as nobody is going to be happy if the man cave takes up the only spare relaxation area left in the house. However, personal space is important no matter your marriage status or how old you are as it enables you to have freedom to express your true self.

    Deciding on the perfect look for your man cave can be difficult, but don’t stress to much about it, as it is your opportunity to get creative. Try to keep the decoration simple, but take advantage and make it unique.

    Here are some suggestions to give you some ideas for your man cave:

    If your looking for something fun and quirky, yet rustic and rugged then why not try this vintage Marvel comic book cover style wallpaper design, in coordination with the realistic, gritty red brick design. 


    Red Brick by Hemingway
    You can also hang matching Marvel comic book covers wall canvases on the brick design wall.

    These wall art canvasses are a great way to add impact and character to your walls.
    However if you would like a slightly more contemporary approach to your man cave then why not have the Rico stripe wallpaper as a feature wall. This would give you a wow factor.


    To coordinate the remaining walls you could paint them with this matching colour:

    L Taylor's Grey - Paint by Graham & Brown
    To complete the look you could add some visual impact with these stunning pieces of wall art:

    Brooklyn Bridge Lights by David Clapp
    These are striking printed canvasses. The one above is a photographic print of New York's iconic Brooklyn Bridge. The black and white tones of this printed canvas are a stylish addition to any room creating a pleasant focal point.

    This is an elegant piece of wall art the displays an arty shot of the Brooklyn Bridge in New York.

    Guggenheim Spirals by David Clapp
    This is an artistic photographic shot of the iconic Guggenheim museum in Manhattan. It is a cool image that is perfect to add a touch of style to your room.
    So now you have the ideas, it’s time to put them into practice… You can then store all your enjoyable possessions to create your perfect “get away space”.

    Written By Rebecca

    Being interested in Surface Pattern Design from a young age founded the basis of my main aspirations to become a Designer. I gained qualifications in Interior Design which led me to graduate after studying BA(Hons)Textile/Surface Pattern Design. I was then successful in gaining the opportunity to become an Apprentice Designer at Graham & Brown.