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    How to Wallpaper

    Not everybody is a wallpapering expert, and although we've made our wallpapers as easy to use as possible there are a number of videos which can help you understand some of the practical challenges.

    Take a look at the short videos from our friends at Solvite on how to wallpaper your room.

    How to make a plumb line

    It is important to hang the first strip of wallpaper vertically. To do this mark a vertical line with a plumb bob or spirit level, and draw a pencil line. This will give a vertical line to start hanging to.

    Paste the Wall and Paste the Paper

    Before beginning to hang your wallpaper check if it is paste the paper or paste the wall wallpaper. Paste the paper requires soaking time as advised on the label before hanging where as paste the wall can be hung directly on to the wall with no soaking time required.
    Our Superfresco Easy - Paste the wall wallpapers are all easy to use

    Hanging wallpaper

    When hanging wallpaper you should always trim after the hanging.Run the back of your scissors along the edge of the wallpaper, as this will leave a visible crease. Then brush back in to place for a perfect finish.

    Matching a pattern

    A free match is the easiest repeat to hang as no matter how the strips of wallpaper are hung next to each other the design has no match, so visible joins or seams.

    An offset match is where the right hand edge of the first strip only matches with the left hand edge of the next strip, when the second strip of wallpaper is dropped by a specified distance.

    Finally a straight match is where the left and right edges of the wallpaper match in a straight horizontal line with the left and right edge of the next strip.

    Cleaning wallpaper seams