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    Minerals Spotted

    So, as this month’s trend mineral is all about the natural, let’s let our hair down and take a walk in the woods… and maybe down the high street too, to see what this laid back trend is up to.
    Mineral has had such a calming influence on current trends on the catwalk. Whiter than white textures and patterns have taken over, giving us all a chance to strip everything back and give all things natural a chance.
    All the usual high street trend culprits have filled their websites with mineral including BOOHOO, TOPSHOP & MISSGUIDED, most of them making it their hottest trend. Mixes in texture and transparency have made mineral a fresh of breath air for the summer. Lovely lace and crochet have given the trend an honest extra depth.
    Looking bigger than the high street, the catwalk has been a none-stop white out with Victoria Beckham, Balmain and Lacoste showcasing their pristine take on mineral.
    High street and catwalk mineral trends
    As ever, Mineral has made its way from the high street and into our home. But, we have been given more much choice in colour and texture. The interior world has taken this trend to a new level, beyond just white. Natural influences including wood effect, sand and leaves have led the way, making sure mother earth has had her say.
    Zara home has created a innocently beautiful range of bedding, using only crochet and subtle detail to give the colour white a bit of something special. Teamed up with a subtle pastel on you walls your bedroom will be a radiant cave of tranquillity.
    Zara Mineral bedding and pillowcases
    From the bedroom and into the kitchen, H&M have a small range of white plates with a twist. Using a hint of newspaper print, they have given mineral a modern edge.
    H and M Plate

    H and M Cup
    Here at G&B we have grabbed mineral with both hands ensuring we have everything you need to plunge your home into natural delights. From wallpaper to wall art we really do have mineral at its best.
      So whether you are choosing a whole new scheme for your room or just a little update, mineral is sure to give you the relaxing refreshing feeling that you and your home deserves!


    Written By Jody

    I am the design studio apprentice at Graham and Brown. When designing and creating new ideas I like to resort back to good old fashioned cutting and sticking, collaging just about anything I can get my hands on (no seriously, anything!). 

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