How to use Paste the Wall wallpaper

Paste the Wall wallpaper is specifically designed to be easier to use than traditional wallpaper, the videos below act as a step by step guide of how to get the best result and cut your decorating time in half.

1. Prepare the Wall for Paste the Wall wallpaper

2. Draw a plumb line to line your first strip of paper to

3. Hang paste the wall wallpaper

4. Line up the paper

5. Work around sockets and switches

6. Work round windows and corners

7. Remove paste the wall wallpaper

We hope the above videos help you to complete your decoration project, and we urge you to give paste the wall a go as we promise you won't look back. It's quicker, cleaner and much easier to remove so allows you to update your home or workspace more often. If you are feeling inspired then please take a look at our entire superfreco easy wallpaper collection.