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Winberry Hoogglanslak 1L


Item# CT-070-081-80-527
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Additional Information

Taken from the colours within designer 2LG Joy design, Winberry is named after the delicious blue berry which belong to the botanical genus Vaccinium, this wonderful shade has a red base with 70% blue pigments, making a colour which alters with the light. In brighter rooms, Winberry showcases it's red pigments, creating a wonderful purple shade, whilst in darker rooms and paired with the matching 2LG wallpaper, it will pick up blue undertones to create a modern haven.
Additional information Paint takes 28 days to fully harden. When the paint is fully hardened, it can be cleaned.
Gewicht 0.00 kg
Afwerking verf 102
Dekking verf 14,00 m/l
Can Size 1,00 l's


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