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    What goes up

    We all love to decorate our houses, it’s what really makes them home. But it isn’t always easy if you are forbidden to mark your walls! So whether you live in a rental or dorm, we have put together some easy solutions to temporarily decorate your living space.
    Let’s start with wallpaper. Superfresco Easy is your answer! It’s specially designed to peel off your walls very easily without needing to steam or scrape! And with hundreds of colours, patterns and designs there is something to fit any room or personality… easy by name, easy by nature.

    Majestueus van Superfresco Easy

    Another handy tip is to use Wall Doctor lining paper; it’s so easy to apply and makes your walls fully strippable!

    But, there are ways that you can hang wallpaper on your wall temporarily. How about trying to put your wallpaper in a frame, then hanging it using a removable hanging solution? There are many adhesive alternatives out there that allow you to be nail and mark free. And when creating your frames why stop at one frame or one pattern? Mixing prints in lots of different frames will give your room the feature it deserves! If you have seen a design that you simply love then next time consider popping it in a frame.

    Another way to quickly and easily spruce up a room is to use wall art. Again, this relieves you of any need to paste or mark your walls. Just using the correct nail-less hanging solutions allows you to hang as little or as much as you want!  Wall-art is also a very good starting point for a theme to your room. If you happen to have a shelf in your room then shaped letter art can be used without needing any hanging at all. 
    If your rental is already decorated, but not to your taste, then a handy little tip is to use wandsieraden. It’s a chance to get creative and add your own personal sparkle to a tired looking paper, and they come right off!
    Temporarily decorating a kid’s is super easy, stickers are your answer. Here at Graham & Brown we offer a huge range of kids stickers for walls and windows featuring all different colours and characters catering for all ages of kids. And the best thing is, they can be easily removed and re – used. 
    So there are no boundaries to your rental when it comes to decorating. Beautiful walls are within your reach, no mess, no marks.

    Written by Jody
    Ik ben stagiaire op het ontwerpbureau van Graham and Brown. Als ik nieuwe ideeën creëer en ontwerp, maak ik graag gebruik van het ouderwetse knippen en plakken en maak ik van alles wat ik in handen krijg een collage (dan bedoel ik echt alles!). 

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