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    Retro is a time of optimism, fascination with modern materials, plastics, nylon and acrylics influenced by the 1950’s home. Designers of that era created furnishings and appliances boasting space age shapes and never seen before colours. 
    Let’s introduce this fun and quirky style into our homes. It is important to understand that pattern is key, so add impact to your walls with some bold retro statement paper to create a modern look that will stand the test of time. Team up the other walls with coordinating blocks of solid colour to soften the visual impact from the statement wall. The idea is to combine pattern and colour sticking to your chosen colour palette and choose stylized geometric designs.
    Here at Graham & Brown we have collaborated with Fashion Designers Wayne & Gerardine Hemingway to create a range of wallpapers called The Vintage Collection taking inspiration from the era’s gone by… This collection celebrates the glittering 30’s with deco diamond or the free flowing lines of the 60’s. 
    It is Wayne and Gerardine’s aspirations to focus on creating affordable and social design with a care philosophy of aiming to ‘improve things that matter in life’.
    Here are examples of the quirky retro wallcoverings in this collection:

    Wonky Boxes

    This is an energetic wallpaper in dove grey. This design is subtle with understated colourings, yet striking with its bold geometric design.

    Loopy Lines

    This is one of Hemingway’s signature wallpapers and will send you loopy with excitement. It is a free flowing design that can make any bland room into a retro masterpiece.

    Do The Stretch

    This design captures 70’s glam rock with a hint of space odyssee.


    A contemporary graphic design with a daring print of lozenge blocks in black, white and zesty orange.

    Or alternatively Graham & Brown has its own retro wallpaper in the Superfresco Easy collection, Trippy. 


    This design takes us back to the halcyon days of the 1960’s and 1970’s. It is a design taken from our very own archive that has been re worked and modernized to give it a vintage 70’s twist. 

    This design demonstrates cool curves that demand attention and graphic shapes of the 1960’s and 1970’s design.
    And if you’re up with your US sitcoms you are bound to recognize it from 2 Broke Girls.

    Written By Rebecca

    Being interested in Surface Pattern Design from a young age founded the basis of my main aspirations to become a Graham & Brown. I gained qualifications in Interior Design which led me to graduate after studying BA(Hons)Textile/Surface Pattern Design. I was then successful in gaining the opportunity to become an Apprentice Graham & Brown at Graham & Brown.
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