Contour Collection


Stuck on how to decorate your kitchen or bathroom? Looking for something that will stand the test of time in one of the most high traffic rooms of the home? Then look no further…

Established for over 30 years, our Contour range of wallpaper is an ideal design solution for kitchens and bathrooms.

Easy to hang and with over 60 different designs to choose from,  prices start from as low as £7.50 a roll making it a cost effective and stylish alternative to a potentially pricey tiling job. 

“I purchased this wallpaper to install between my cabinets and counters.  My other alternative was to use tiles, but this wallpaper gave me the right look at a fraction of the price”. (Checker)


“It went up very easily and looks lovely in my kitchen. Very affordable kitchen back splash”. (Parsley) 



Durable and splashproof, the collection’s antibacterial agent provides ongoing protection against 99.9% of harmful bacteria such as MRSA, e-coli, listeria and salmonella.

Able to cover minor cracks and wall imperfections, Contour is washable so it can be sponge cleaned to keep it looking tip top.  

“Delighted with the result, I think it will stand up to dogs and general wear. Looks super”.  (Chalk Diamond)

With damasks, tile effects, leaf trails and cityscapes to name but a few, there’s definitely a design for you, whether you’re using it on all four walls as a main feature or to add that finishing touch to your newly-fitted kitchen or bathroom suite. 

“I have just installed a new bathroom suite, and papering the area not tiled with this wallpaper has just given it the final touch – amazing”. (Dixie)




And it doesn’t have to be limited to kitchens and bathrooms. It could be used in a hallway that needs wiping down regularly after the dogs come back from their walk, or a children’s bedroom where walls are prone to sticky fingers.

“Bought this for my daughter's bedroom, she chose it herself and loved it once on the wall!
Although it is a kitchen paper it is absolutely perfect for a child’s bedroom”. (Dotty)



Contour can make all the difference to your kitchen or bathroom, so the next time you’re thinking of beautifying your boudoir or classing up your kitchen, stop by and shop the contour wallpaper collection or take a look our other vast styles of wallpaper.