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    Alphabet Stickers

    A relatively new addition to the Graham & Brown kids’ collection, the alphabet stickers which feature in a number of collections, including Moshi Monsters, Cars and Winnie de Poeh, making them suitable for all ages, are one of the kids’ teams favourite products. 
    There are a multitude of uses for the Alphabet Stickers and below we’ve listed just a few.  

    Personalising furniture 

    The Alphabet Stickers are a great way to identify a piece of furniture, for example a toy box in a shared bedroom, or on the front of a bedroom door. The fun stickers can update any tired piece of furniture whilst adding a touch of personality.

    Arts and Crafts

    The Alphabet Stickers can be used for all sorts of fun and quirky arts and crafts exercises including personalising greeting cards and school books or adding meaningful quotes to scrapbooks.

    Teaching the Alphabet

    The Alphabet stickers are the perfect way to make teaching your little ones their ABC a fun and interactive experience. The wall stickers are self-adhesive and mess free making it easy for your little ones to apply and re-stick the letters as many times as they want. 

    Winnie de Poeh Alfabet Stickers

    Festive Banners

    Cut out some colourful fabric or paper triangles and attach them to a long piece of ribbon. Stick the Alphabet letters on to the triangles to create fun bunting or banners for your chosen holiday to celebrate in style.

    Why don’t you give the Alphabet Stickers a try and upload your creative ideas onto our Graham & Brown Facebook page or onto our Twitter account.

    Written By Hattie

    Originally from a fashion background, I am now the Kids' Decor Marketing Assistant at Graham & Brown. I spend my spare time shopping, trawling style blogs for inspiration, or posting my favourite things onto Tumblr and Instagram.

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