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    Disney Galerie

    The success of the world famous Disney brand dates back to 1923 when Disney was founded by brothers Walt and Roy Disney.  

    Disneyland Vintage Image

    In 1928 Disney created a few simple drawings of a mouse character named Mortimer, while on a train headed to California. The mouse, later renamed Micky Maus, went on to become the figurehead of The Walt Disney Company.

    Never stop dreaming - Walt Disney

    It is these drawings of Micky Maus that formed part of the inspiration behind the new Graham & Brown Disney Galerie Collection. 
    Erst wenn das Licht darauf fällt, gibt die Disney Galerie-Kollektion, which follows on from the resurgence in upcycling, making all things retro very much on trend, focuses on vintage film stills and unique Disney design work. It is these images which have also taken the world of high fashion by storm, appearing everywhere from Stella McCartney’s AW10 Bambi campaign, to Marc Jacobs’ SS13 Collection. 

    The Disney Galerie collection was designed to target not only children, who will relate to the much-loved characters including Spiderman, Cinderella and Minnie Mouse, but also adults who will feel a sense of nostalgia with the older film stills from Bambi, Daffy Duck and Micky Maus. 

    Though great for bedrooms and playrooms, these framed prints work just as well in living rooms or kitchen spaces to bring a touch of retro cool to the home. 

    The Disney Galerie collection is made entirely in the UK, helping to keep UK craftsmanship alive, whilst bringing a luxurious feel to the products.  This high quality makes these frames the perfect answer to home decoration, adding the final touch to any desired room, in particular the bedroom and living room. 

    There are 15 prints within the collection, each one bringing something different to your chosen room.
    Click here to view the collection

    Written by Hattie

    Originally from a fashion background, I am now the Kids' Decor Marketing Assistant at Graham & Brown. I spend my spare time shopping, trawling style blogs for inspiration, or posting my favourite things onto Tumblr and Instagram.

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