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    Pastel Rosa

    Rosa und Lavendel sind die zartesten aller Pastelltöne. Sie werden oft mit Liebe, Weiblichkeit und Jugend assoziiert und gerne im Schlafzimmer verwendet.

    Here we have pulled together some of our favourite wallpapers, paint colours and wall art pieces and suggested ways to incorporate calming pastels into your home.

    Soft pastel colours naturally lend themselves to delicate florals. Above we have teamed our small scale floral wallpaper Rose Cottage from the Graham & Brown Spellbound collection with our lavender paint, Zweite Haut, from the Platin-Kollektion.

    Rose Cottage is a beautiful floral trail which has a stunning all over shimmer effect ideal for creating an elegant  bedroom.

    Watercolour shades are a great way of adding colour to a room confidently without being over powering. Here are two wallpapers from the Superfresco Easy Eden collection. We have chosen to team the Mohnblumen floral wallpaper with the co-ordinating Watercolour stripe

    If you want to wallpaper all four walls in a room but want more than a feature wall with a co-ordinating plain then consider using stripes. Stripes are also great way to create the illusion of height and space to a room.

    Below is Twine hung horizontally, this is another way to consider using wallpaper to create a new look to a room. 

    Another way to add a splash of colour to a room is by using a piece of Wandkunst. If you are just wanting to quickly update the look of a room inexpensively the wall art is the answer. You can keep upto date with the latest trends without having to change the whole room. 

    Pink Hearts Compendium printed canvas is shown above. This photographic canvas would create a lovely feature in any room.

    If your looking for something a little different with the added wow factor then Delicate Dandelion wall art show below uses complimentary shades of pastel pinks with the stem and buds of the dandelion have been stylishly dusted with Glitzer. Sure to be a talking point with any guests.

    Written By Steph

    eCommerce Executive beiGraham & Brown. Dieser Blog ist mein Ein und Alles und ich gebe mein absolut Bestes, um ihn richtig toll zu machen. Ich gestalte mein ganzes Haus selbst und habe an so ziemlich jeder Wand meines Hauses Tapete, sogar im Gäste-WC.
    Ich mag ausgedehnte Spaziergänge auf dem Land (und die Pubs dort), Handtaschen und Schals, Zeit mit meinem kleinen Sohn verbringen und das Herzflattern beim Rennen.
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