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    Geometrische Tapeten

    Not a fan of all things floral? Then maybe you should consider wallpaper from our geometric selection
    We have a large selection from retro curves through to ultra-modern block designs there’s sure to be one that catches your eye.

    Trippy is one of our most popular geometric wallpapers. This is sure to take you back to the days when you had flowers in your hair wearing old flares. This retro inspired wallpaper is a favourite for anyone wanting to embrace the mid-century modern trend.
    Many of you may also recognise this wallpaper as it has appeared on a number of television shows including 2 Broke Girls and My Name is Earl. 
    It is now also available in a number of other colours, Lila und Anthrazit and better still you just need to paste the wall.
    Another are worth considering is Graham & Brown and Hemingway’s collaboration, which spans back over a decade. The latest collection is a range of vintage inspired papers.  These wallpapers are from this Vintage collection.
    Below is Deko-Diamant, stunning intricate diamond pattern in green this wallpaper is the ideal choice if you want to bring a vintage look and feel to your home. 

    Karneval is a large scale lozenge design that brings a contemporary twist to the geometric category. 
    The next wallpaper is from Steve Leung. This is our latest Designer collaboration; the collection is a beautiful range of eastern inspired wallpapers with metallic and gloss accents and embellishments. All of the wallpapers in the Steve Leung collection are paste the wall, this simply means you paste the wall not the paper. It is almost 3 times quicker using paste the wall than the traditional paste the paper method.

    Ling is a trellis effect geometric which uses textures and gloss to create a stunning three dimensional effect to the design.  

    Schachbrettmuster is sophisticated block geometric wallpaper. This wallpaper has been designed to incorporate layers of shadows that creates depth and a three dimensional illusion.  This design is ideal to use on all four walls and is perfect if you are looking for a slightly more masculine design.
    And finally Knightsbridge Flock is from interior Designer Kelly Hoppen’s latest wallpaper collection, Style. This geometric design uses clean sweeping curves in luxurious 100 on a subtle shimmering background.

    So whether you are looking for something inspired from years gone by, or maybe you prefer the three dimensional designs inspired by striking architecture, Graham & Brown have a wide and varied selection of geometric wallpapers. 

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    Written By Steph
    eCommerce Executive beiGraham & Brown. Dieser Blog ist mein Ein und Alles und ich gebe mein absolut Bestes, um ihn richtig toll zu machen. Ich gestalte mein ganzes Haus selbst und habe an so ziemlich jeder Wand meines Hauses Tapete, sogar im Gäste-WC.
    Ich mag ausgedehnte Spaziergänge auf dem Land (und die Pubs dort), Handtaschen und Schals, Zeit mit meinem kleinen Sohn verbringen und das Herzflattern beim Rennen.

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