A Decade Of Design

Celebrating our 10th anniversary, take a look back over a decade of design. Some wallpapers are still available to shop with their timeless style. We also introduce The Design of the Year for 2024, launching 11th September 2023.

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Design of the Year 2024



A classic floral, re-imagined. Graham & Brown introduced Florenzia Dusk as Design of the Year 2023. Florenzia symbolises the restoration of historical beauty and celebrates bringing new life and colour into an artwork that has been carefully selected from our archives.



Our organic and sophisticated wallpaper of the year 2022 – Restore Midnight! Born from our reflection of the past years, Restore is designed with healing, rejuvenation, and reconnection with nature all in mind. Full of nature, peace and tranquillity, this design does exactly what it says on the tin!


Timepiece Amethyst

Timepiece Amethyst, our Wallpaper of the Year 2021 – and doesn’t she look beautiful? This wallpaper design takes us on a reflective journey through our archives, from 1946 to 2021 in celebration of our Diamond 75th anniversary.


Bloomsbury Neo Mint

Bloomsbury, Graham & Brown's Wallpaper of the Year for 2020, captures the delicate designs of the 20th Century. Bright, vibrant intertwining florals are at the centrepiece of this airy wallpaper, accompanied by beautiful butterflies in a serene mint setting – blooming lovely!


Tori Teal

Tori, meaning bird in Japanese, is a celebration of the artistry and skill of Eastern art. Delicately hand painted in our studio, this design depicts an exquisite Chinoiserie bird trail with spring blossoms, signifying longevity, luck and love.


Pierre Pink

This typically femme-floral design boasts a hidden strength, with magnolias, symbolising purity and dignity. Pierre Pink marries muted pink pastel florals with assertive white gold metallic, creating a strong and sensitive design.



Reflections, Wallpaper of the Year 2017, inspired by the timeless trend, geometrics. This design combines beautifully with a stunning mix of soft metallics, marbling and soft sorbet shades - the perfect choice for almost any space!



Our MARBLED wallpaper was bang on trend for interiors in 2016! Combining the beauty of natural marble in a moody charcoal colour and the hot metal of the moment rose gold this wallpaper was the perfect Wallpaper of the Year in 2016!


Northern Rose

A beautiful floral design in vibrant pink and explosive blue, chosen as Graham & Brown's wallpaper of the year 2015. Northern Rose features a beautifully painted, fresh floral design with lush embellishments, whilst retaining a certain British, vintage charm.