What colors go with purple?

Purple is the perfect color to add a touch of luxury and elegance to your home. Find out which colors go with purple and how you can introduce these colors.

Colour that go with purple

When your decor calls for a little energy to liven it up, consider adding purple to your home. From soft shades like lavender and lilac to eye-catching tones such as magenta, violet and plum, there’s a shade of purple to suit every design style. If you’re wondering what color goes with purple, we’re here to help. Ahead, discover the psychology behind this rich hue, and the best color combinations to inspire your next project.

The psychology of the color purple

Color psychology in interior design reveals how decorating with certain colors can affect the way we feel and think, and our mood. If you want a good night’s sleep, consider purple. Calming and soothing, purple is the ideal color for a bedroom. It’s also said to improve creativity, so it’s perfect for home offices, playrooms and children’s bedrooms.

Purple color schemes

Looking for an effortless way to change the feel of your home? Decorate with a purple color scheme. Trying to decide what color goes with purple? It’s easier than you may think. From classic cream to high-shine metallics, here are some of our favourite shades to pair with purple.

Dark green

Dark green paired with purple is surprisingly easy on the eye. Evoking a feeling of opulence wherever it’s used, this charming color combination works especially well in a smaller room where you want to create a feeling of cosiness. A touch of green will prevent your interior from being oversaturated by purple, so you can enjoy the calming qualities that the color can offer. Try combining our Malva paint, a beautiful mauve, with botanical greens and jewel-toned emeralds.

Dark green & purple wallpaper

Gold metallics

Purple and gold metallics make an unexpected power couple. Whether it’s in brass finishes, accessories or even in wallpapers like our Meadow Bluebell design, gold complements a variety of purple hues. From a kitchen to a home office, this color duo will lend your home a luxe, elevated look.

Purple & gold wallpaper

Soft white

Another hue that works wonders at balancing out purple rooms? Soft white, of course! Simple white walls can also be used to bring purple to the forefront. Our Fantasy Floral Bloom wall mural features pink and purple flowers against a bright, clear sky. Paired with white walls, this mural will be a striking focal point in any space.

Soft white & purple wallpaper

Dove gray

Done right, purple doesn’t have to be heavy and overwhelming. Teamed with muted dove gray, it can be used to create a serene bedroom or living room. A touch of gray will also help modernize a purple palette. We recommend teaming dove gray walls with a feature wall adorned with our Botany Plum wallpaper. With gorgeous intertwined botanicals and silver metallic detailing, this design allows a space to take on a bolder energy, yet still feels peaceful.

Dove grey & purple wallpaper


If you’re still unsure if you should give this versatile color a chance, try pairing purple with cream. By painting your walls with this popular neutral, you can offset the dominance of purple. You can also choose natural shades like lilac and lavender for a more subtle option. Far from sugary, our Prom Queen paint is the ideal lavender. Plus, the red undertones of this soft hue mean it works in any space, from the kitchen to the hallway.

Purple paint
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