Lagom Lagom

By Graham & Brown

Praising the idea that anything more than 'just enough' is too much, Lagom is a liberating concept. By living Lagom you can live a happier and more balanced life, taking inspiration from the Lagom movement of everything in moderation. This versatile collection of simple clean lines and carefully selected colour palette can be hung on all four walls.

Lagom Geo

This effortlessly chic design is characterised by simple clean lines, uncomplicated structure and on trend refreshing colour palette; providing an effortless, refined, streamline look.

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Lagom Stripe

This collection features a soft fibrous substrate adorned with strong, clean lines and provides minimal fuss and a clear understanding of "Not too little. Not too much. Just right."

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Balance is characterised by simple clean lines, sleek structures and an on trend refreshing colour palette. This effortlessly modern collection really homes into the Lagom way and encapsulates the perfect balance between design, colour and texture.

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By Graham & Brown
Find out about the inspiration behind Lagom

About Lagom

Lagom is on our radar as trend in interiors for 2019 & beyond, the idea of just having enough, but also having enough of what makes you content. When creating Lagom the designs just sort of found each other. When you have something balanced so beautifully, it just fits.

When choosing the colours for the collection, we wanted to use hues that we liked and that made us happy. There is nothing too striking, and the range of colour has been carefully selected so you can find a colour to suit spaces of all different location, shape & size. As always, there are also beautiful paints to coordinate.

Lagom as a collection, is a calm, deep breath amongst the manic, busy lifestyles we lead. Simple, balanced designs printed on artisanal fibrous paper with beautiful hints of metallic.

Calm, collected & happy.

If Lagom could speak, it would tell you to relax & enjoy the simple things in life. Surround yourself with beauty & let it make you smile.

Styling Tips

Like anything visual in life, order & repetition can have a very soothing effect on us. Creating a zen-like feel is important in most rooms & with the metallic highlight, this is sure to make a space bigger.

There is no restriction to where you should place Lagom. It is important in all aspects of life to find just enough serenity wherever you are.