How to Measure Your Windows for Blinds

Made to Measure


Window blinds can be an excellent alternative to curtains, especially in rooms where you want to be able to control the light. Roman blinds are great for privacy and can be the ideal choice for bedroom and living room windows.

Our roller blind range also offers options in a blackout finish which are perfect for bedrooms and a waterproof finish suitable for bathrooms and kitchens.

If you're opting for blinds, it's important to take specific measurements of your windows. This blog will take you through how to measure for blinds, whether your windows have deep, shallow or no recesses.

Types of blinds

At Graham & Brown, we sell two of the most popular types of blinds: roller blinds and roman blinds. The difference between these blinds is the way in which they extend - roller blinds can be rolled and unrolled, whereas roman blinds fold upwards and downwards in pleats. They are also made from different fabrics: roller blind fabric is stiffer and has a blackout coating applied, and roman blinds are soft with an extra lining to make them blackout.

You can choose between two stacking finishes when ordering blinds from Graham & Brown - the stacked finish, where fabric neatly stacks behind itself, and the waterfall finish, where the fabric cascades when in the open position.

Both our roller blinds and roman blinds use a pulley mechanism, operated by a chain.

Measuring a window with a deep recess

If your window has a deep recess, a blind will fit comfortably flush against the window whilst still leaving you room on the sill. However, if you have window handles or anything that protrudes on the inside of the window, you will need to leave a small space.

Deep recess - width measurement

Use a metal tape measure to measure the width of the inner recess. Take three measurements - one inside the recess at the top, one in the middle, and one along the inside of the sill at the bottom. Take the shortest measurement as your width.

Deep recess - drop measurement

For the length, or drop, again take three measurements - one down the right side, one down the middle, and one down the left. Take the shortest measurement as your drop and order your blind as a recess measurement. Graham & Brown will then make an allowance to ensure the blind fits into the recess.

Measuring a window with a shallow recess or no recess

If you don't have a window recess, or it is quite shallow, your blinds will need to hang outside the recess.

Shallow or no recess - width measurement

Use a metal tape measure to measure the width of the window from outside the recess and add 20cm to the result, to allow for a 10cm overlap on either side. Take three measurements - one across the top, one across the middle and one across the bottom. Use the largest measurement as your width.

Shallow or no recess - drop measurement

For the drop, measure from the top of the outside of your recess, down to as far as you'd like your blinds to hang. Add 10cm to this measurement and record the figure as your drop.

Not sure about blinds? Check out our guide to measuring your windows for curtains.