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Design Artisans - Krishna

Krishna Daya

I’ve been a designer at Graham and Brown for just over 6 years now. I work on a variety of creative and inspiring wallpaper projects for the global market.
An interactive fusion of Eastern and Western cultures has had a big influence on my personal handwriting since an early age and continues through my work. I’m a lover of intricate patterns and sinuous lines.
When I’m not busy designing wallpaper at Graham and Brown, my flair for design continues as I take my creative journey with me everywhere I go, be it at home, on holiday or on a train, I’ll be doodling away on whatever I can get hold of (even on an empty loo roll, yes I have done this!) If I don’t have a pen or pencil in my hand my next port of call is with a henna cone and my canvas is the body. I’m a super doodle fanatic!
Krishna’s Motto: ‘When all else fails, grab a pen and let your imagination set you free’ 

Take a look at a selection of Krishna's favourite products here at Graham & Brown. 

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