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Spa Spa
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£15.00 рулон
Create a bright, fresh look with subtle hints of shimmer with Spa. From our Contour collection, Spa brings a refreshing atmosphere to any kitchen or bathroom along with the glistening blue, green and silver textures featured on the wallpaper. The glitzy tiled piece has a paste the paper application, which consists of an easier method to hang the plush wallpaper and create your own spa touch.

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  • Spa Spa
  • Spa Spa
  • Spa Spa
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Ширина 52 cm
Длина рулона 10 m
Раппорт рисунка 64 cm
Размер отреза 32 cm
Совмещение дизайна OFFSET
Материал Kitchen & Bathroom
Стойкость к мытью Scrubbable
Метод нанесения Paste the Paper
Вес 1,04 kg
Марка Contour
SKU 16634
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