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Bao by Steve Leung

35,00 € ein roll
From the mind of Steve Leung, Bao uses a stunning geometric pattern to create an impressive black wallpaper design. Inspired by oriental screens, this modern classic includes a clever use of tones and heights to give a sophisticated three dimensional effect. The piece’s metallic highlights adds elegance and decadence to its ambience. The design is also available in two further colours to give you further choice in picking your own wallpaper.

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  • Bao Bao
    35,00 €
  • Bao Bao
    35,00 €
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Breite 52 cm
Rollenlänge 10 m
Rapport 64 cm
Design Match STRAIGHT
Material Non-Woven paper
Waschbarkeit Washable
Anwendungsverfahren Paste the Wall
Gewicht 1,07 kg
Marke Designer
Designer Steve Leung
SKU 31-622